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Unique Features:

  • Performance meets comfort for wider ski boots

Best for:

  • All mountain skiers in variable conditions
  • High volume liner great for taking up room or for wider shells

Skier type

Designed for the all mountain skier seeking performance, the Gara HV (high volume) ski boot liners offer uncompromising edge control, with an engaging forward leaning design, keeping you balanced through bumps, steeps, powder, and chunder. Recognized as Best of 2020/2021 by Blister Magazine, the award winning Gara is the signature liner in our fleet and is now offered in low volume and high volume models to accommodate more skiers.


The interior is stitched with comfortable neoprene that offers just the right amount of padding and is easy to slide on or slip off. Gara HV ski boot liners properly position your foot so that your toes have wiggle room and stay warm thanks to a neoprene toe box insulated with Thinsulate and merino wool. A moderately stiff cuff makes the Gara our most versatile liner, capable of performing in any terrain on the mountain.


The Gara HV liner is pre-packed with the most OMFit self-molding cork composite, specifically designed for higher volume performance boots and lower volume feet. While the Gara HV comes pre-packed with more cork, skiers can still add more cork to the tongue or ankle pockets to dial in their perfect fit. If the Gara HV has too much volume for your ski boot shells, consider the Gara LV model.

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