Boot Fitting

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The right fit is the key to performance and comfort. When it comes to boot fittings, our bootfitters aren't just experts—they are artists. With certified Master Boot Fitters with over 15 years of experience. Our loyal following travels hundreds of miles just to get a custom fitted pair of boots. Come and see why.

All appointments are for 1 person, if there are multiple people in your party you will need to make multiple appointments.

If you are in need of an adult boot, you will need to make an adult boot fitting appointment. If this distinction is not met, we reserve the right to move your appointment to the next available adult boot fit time slot. We are following reservations strictly to adhere to state capacity guidelines.

There will be no try on socks this winter. Either bring a ski sock from home or you will be asked to buy one in order to continue the boot fit.

We are requesting you to keep your party size down to a minimum, so try to keep it to a +1 if you are bringing someone.

We are sectioning off the boot area into quadrants, please attempt to stay within the designated area to allow other shoppers to be distanced.

All Alpine Hut COVID policies apply during the duration of the fitting process.


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