Kamie’s Re-Entry to Tiger Mountain

Look who’s back. It’s been a long time for Kamie, but she was back on Tiger Mountain again. Check out what Cody has to say about her first ride in nearly 10 years. Doesn’t matter how long it’s been, it’s always a treat to get back on the bike.
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Nearly 20 years ago we bought two bikes from Kyle at Alpine Hut and he told us to go tag Tiger Mountain. Actually he took us there and I’ve never looked back.

Kamie took a little sabbatical from the trails, but she’s back now after almost a decade.

Today she made a full lap and black rated to boot! 9 miles. 1,700 feet of vertical climb!
Now I just need to convince her to do it again.

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    Kyle Fisher Kyle Fisher

    Stoked to see Kamie getting back on the MTB!

    Go Kamie!!!!!!!