New Year’s Resolutions for Skiers

Did you know that 92% of people break their New Year’s Resolutions? That’s a lot of empty gyms and unopened fitness DVDs. But, if a resolution is fun, you’re more likely to stick to it. Lucky for you – you’re a snow bunny, not a gym rat.

Here are some great, easy, and FUN resolutions just for skiers that you can definitely stick with!

  • Become a better skier – Take a lesson or two to freshen up your shredding skills.
  • Make chairlift friends – No need to be shy! You already have something in common.
  • Tone up – Skiing is a great workout – legs, glutes, arms, and abs are all engaged. Just remember to stretch before and after.
  • Introduce a friend to the sport – Spend some quality time together on the slopes.
  • Happy feet – Everyone knows it’s important to have a proper boot fit, so bring your boots to a professional this season.
  • Get the first chair on a powder day – There is no better feeling than being the first one on the mountain!
  • Upgrade your gear – No one wants holes in their socks and a waterproof jacket that retains water. Refresh your ski gear to stay warm and dry this season.
  • Enjoy après ski – Don’t rush home after a long day, grab a drink and some food with your friends!
  • Give back – Attend the annual Pray for Snow event this fall.

Let Alpine Hut help you with your resolutions – swing by for all of your ski gear and service needs.

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